How Virtual Queuing Supports Social Distancing For Service Providers

Social distancing is a set of measures intended to prevent the spread of a COVID-19 by maintaining a physical distance […]

Customer Satisfaction In Government Offices Is Possible

Nowadays, we live in a world where people expect great, fast, and efficient customer service from anyone and everywhere. It […]

5 Reasons To Encourage Customer Feedback In Banks

The customer is king and you would definitely want to know what they are thinking about your services. Customer feedback […]

Appointment Scheduler For Customer Journey Management

Customer engagement technology is continually evolving. Organizations are striving to create a more seamless customer experience. In fact, various organizations […]

Queue Management Systems In Telecom Service Centers

No one likes to wait these days. It feels like a waste of time. Many customers will leave rather than […]

Customer Experience Global Trends In Retail Banking

Qualities such as trust, reputation, history, and size have traditionally been the benchmarks through which customers choose financial institutions. However, […]

Civil Service Reforms In Nigeria – Here You Wont Wait For More Than Seven Minutes

Waiting! Sometimes it seems that’s the official word when you are in any Nigerian civil service. When planning a trip […]

Retail Queue Management System – What, How and Why

You can win a potential customer over once they first set foot into your store. You can provide them with […]

Customer Journey Management Tips for a Telecom Company

Customer Flow Management is a methodology that allows an organization to systematically manage the customer journey at each customer touchpoint […]

Qmatic Orchestra 7 – Eltaj Solutions Limited Signs Deal With Mtn Nigeria

Firstly, we are pleased to announce that Qmatic Premier Solution Partner in Nigeria – Eltaj Solutions Limited successfully signed a […]

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