COVID-19 – ELTAJ Is Helping Enterprises Manage Queues Safely

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The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected everyone across the globe. It has brought with it a new normal which includes better ways to manage queues

It has become super important that we take precautionary measures in times like this. Our primary focus is to support employees, partners, and businesses to ensure the safety and continued service to their customers.

Our goal is to limit the spread of COVID-19 by equipping you with automated queuing solutions. Similarly, these solutions can help you organize and engage your customers. In-fact, you will be able to measure customer experiences and feedback as well as practice social distancing.

Our solutions are highly customizable as we tailor and brand our solutions for each unique customer. We help and support our customer’s operations.  We have the capability to respond to any challenge they might face during these unprecedented times.

Our queuing solutions are specially designed to help organizations manage their customer queues effectively. Most importantly, they can help improve the customer experience for organizations in all industries. Besides, Organizations can manage queues both virtually and physically. These automated queuing solutions can be deployed either at a single location – Solo or multiple locations – Orchestra 7 to ensure social distancing in a truly touchless experience. Our cloud platform enables efficient and productive management of queues without any physical contact.

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FAQs  for clients and partners who want to manage queues effectively

Will there be delays in ELTAJ’s supply chain due to COVID-19?

Possibly, Yes. In fact, we are working diligently with our supplier Qmatic and external parties to flex our capabilities. Currently, we have not had any inside our supply chain. We are enhancing our external capabilities to ensure all products and services can make it to our clients when required. Our solutions manage queues effectively for every enterprise without the hassle and integrate seamlessly with your other systems

COVID-19: Will Cloud Managed Queue Services be impacted?

No, we feel confident and certain that our operations are so robust that we will meet our commitments in all our service level agreements even under current circumstances. We utilize AWS as our platform. Also, We also have a distributed team managing the workload to provide continuous service. At this time, we do not expect any disruption to cloud service availability.

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How can I receive updates from ELTAJ?

We are regularly updating our employees and clients about contemporary ways to improve customer experience and manage queues. The goal is to improve your unique customer journeys/experience and reduce customer’s wait time. In this regard, We will be updating our website for clients, as well as providing employees with regular updates to communicate with any impacted client. Please check back for the latest information. 


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